It seems appropriate that my first blog post should be in the form of an introduction.

I’ve had intentions to create an IT blog for several years, and those intentions have been vocalised to friends in the form of “I’m definitely going to create an IT blog and start blogging”. I guess a combination of procrastination, allowing other things to get in the way and making it more complicated than it really needed to be delayed the process.

I have to offer thanks to my close friend and professional colleague Scott Breen whose blog you can find here for finally providing adequate motivation for me to create a blog and start doing something I have wanted to do for sometime. This motivation came in the form of beating me to it and my competitive nature took over.

I actively get involved in providing solutions and answers to the technical community, I am a regular contributor to the Microsoft Technet forums and Microsoft script gallery and I passionately enjoy passing on my knowledge and experience.

As many IT professionals will admit, a lot of our knowledge and experience has come from the sharing of others and I have reached a point in my professional career where I have a lot of information, knowledge and experience to provide back to the community.

For more information about me please read my about page and if you wish to contact me please feel free using the contact form or by reaching out on social media.

Kriss Milne

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