Best Practice Tips! ConfigMgr Collection Prefixes

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Configuration Manager Collection Prefixes

Collections in Configuration Manager can be used for a variety of different purposes, from logical grouping of devices and users, defining maintenance windows, software deployment, software updates, operating system deployment, custom task sequences; the list goes on…

As your Configuration Manager content grows and increases in complexity, you’ll slowly begin to find that you have hundreds or thousands of collections. Even if you have a well defined naming convention (which a lot of environments do not) it can become increasingly difficult to search for all collections that are related.

As the collection structure increases in complexity it becomes less practical to browse through folders to find a specific collection and it becomes much more practical to use the search feature. Unless you have a well defined and logical naming convention it can be difficult to find the collection you’re looking for.

This is where Collection prefixes come in handy. Collection prefixes add an identification to a collection as to its purpose thereby assisting administrators to quickly identify collections and search for specific collections in future.

A good example of prefixes for Collections in ConfigMgr are:

Prefix Description
MW Maintenance Window Collection Prefix
SW Software Deployment Collection Prefix
OS Operating System Deployment Collection Prefix
SU Software Update Collection Prefix

These are just an example of prefixes, you should define your own as part of your collection naming convention for best administrative organisation.

Using prefixes on the folders containing the collections can further help in organisational structure.

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